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Luxor Travel Bag

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For a sporty, yet sophisticated look, there is nothing like a Vintage Luxor leather bag, travel bag, or overnight bag. While it is true that a lot of travelers opt for larger luggage that can be easily wheeled throughout a bus terminal or airport, there is something to be said for the smooth combination of classic and contemporary fashion that can be achieved by a quality leather bag. Luxor leather bag is the perfect way to force yourself to pack efficiently and look stylish while not being bogged down with unnecessary luggage on a trip. After all, even on a road trip, there is nothing worse than the travelers who pack their entire wardrobe.

Luxor not just durable, but it allows you to flow through the airport terminal easily, all while maintaining a professional appearance. The Luxor bag, after all, was originally designed as a tool for the business person on a quick trip. Perfect for carrying in one hand, or just simply tossing into the backseat of a car, our leather bag is truly the quick traveler’s best friend.

For those professionals on the go Luxor leather bag the perfect way to keep up appearances and remaining professional even if you are having to go right from the airport to an office, or to meet a client, or potential customer. The clean, professional, durable nature of bag send the message that you care about your appearance, but also care about the environment, since our handcrafted leather bag are created in eco-friendly climates, by individuals, and without using the harmful chemicals that go into the process of making mass-produced bags.

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